In spite of all the difficulties we continue with our project MIL SEMILLAS 2024.
We have to tell all those who support us during this semester that the violence in the streets forces us to be very prudent.

We have postponed several planned activities, such as the trip to the Tarqui Animal Shelter, in order to protect the children.

We are also waiting for the authorities to allow the resumption of on-site classes in our neighbourhood, which, being in a disadvantaged area, has been classified as HIGH RISK, only suitable for virtual classes

Despite the state of siege in force, and even during curfew hours, there have been some violent incidents in the neighbourhood, very close to us.

Violent robberies, threats, and even the placing of a bomb in a Children’s Centre, three blocks away from the Foundation, just around the corner from the Cuenca Police Station.

All this led us once again to have to re-plan our activities for this semester, putting the safety of the children and their families at the forefront, and obviously safeguarding the safety of our collaborators and ourselves.

Nevertheless, we have made three food deliveries, two in Cuenca with great caution, and one in Santa Ana.

We have had two Saturdays with virtual activities for the children, led by Nela Navarrine, who, with her enormous charisma, has entertained them and distracted them from everyday reality.

We have made the first two visits to the community of El Salado, selected the 20 families that will start with workshops and support, and we are ready to start.

In the following posts we will tell you how these events went, and we hope that during February we will be able to get everything back on track.

Thank you all very much!

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