On the 26th of January we left from the foundation, full of enthusiasm, going up through the mountains in a truck full of food to the locality “El Salado”, to have the first meeting with the 20 selected families.

 They arrived very punctual and enthusiastic. We told them about the activities we are going to carry out and they were very receptive, asked several questions, and we asked them what topics they would like to have workshops on.
This is very important: that it is the community itself that identifies their needs and wants to address them.

We registered each family, taking their personal details, number of children and members of each family, and asking about their problems and needs.

This is a characteristic of Fundación NUR, we work for real people, with names and surnames, human beings with their needs, dreams and problems.

We are not interested in providing our sponsors with gigantic statistics of hundreds of people who receive something that does not really help them, but to improve the lives of each person we deal with, to leave seeds of knowledge that will grow, to sow ideas of how to build a better future. For each one, and for the community.

At the end of the meeting, we made the first delivery of food to the 20 families. Another individual approach to them, to listen to them, to see their smiles or their seriousness, to leave a word of encouragement, to invite them to dream together.

Doing this requires significant logistics and organisation, in terms of transporting food, volunteers, coordinating delivery schedules and methods of registration and control.

But all the effort is minimised by the joy reflected in the faces of those who receive help to mitigate, at least a little, the social and economic crisis in which they live.

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