“El Salado” is the first community we chose to take our training programmes and social aid outside the Foundation this year.

It is a rural area, nestled in the middle of the mountains, an hour’s drive from the city of Cuenca, affected by factors such as teenage pregnancy, lack of knowledge about sexual and reproductive health, male violence and alcoholism. Just over 30 families live there.
We want to help prevent situations of violence and social imbalance by promoting community life, personal growth, harmonious family coexistence and respectful upbringing for future generations, and at the same time evaluate their state of health, and support the most needy with food.

On Sunday 14th January we met with the board of the “Development Committee of Barrio El Salado”. It was a very pleasant and cordial meeting where we explained to them what Fundación NUR is and what it does and we offered to work together for the benefit of the community. They agreed and were very willing to participate.
They offered us all their support and we are going to use the community house for the activities with children and adults. 20 families from the community will participate in the project.

The community house is a good space, it has a large living room, a kitchen and a storage room, which can be used as small classrooms. It also has a very large outdoor patio with a volleyball and/or mini football court with a grandstand on one side.

The scenery is breathtaking, situated on a hillside, the view on both sides shows valleys and green mountains all the way to the horizon. In the distance, and far below, the city of Cuenca is a miniature hard to recognise.

We have already arranged with the board of directors to meet soon with the 20 selected families to coordinate dates and themes for the workshops.

We are very happy that, despite the critical national situation, we have been able to take the first step of the project “1000 seeds 2024”!

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