By Nela Navarrine

Last Sunday, I started teaching art to a new group of kids in a new place, El Salado, Santa Ana. Very exciting!

For the first class I planned an easy activity that would help us to know each other without a lot of stress. Painting a mandala with different shades of gray and a bit of color was the plan. Training the hand to put less or more pressure on the pencil is always a good skill to practice.

I teach art to all my students at Fundación Nur remotely because I live in the US. It is always magic, and it was magic last Sunday too! The session started and I found many smiley faces ready to have fun. I learned their names and we started promptly to paint the center of the mandala. I was amazed with these young artist’s enthusiasm and concentration while working.

My participation in the class didn’t last long because the internet connection failed but other kind volunteers continued guiding the activity. I was sad to miss the rest of the class but was so happy to see the colorful and very neat mandalas that they sent me after they finished. I plan to print each work and share the highlights of each one of them at the beginning of our next class.

The class was not what we had envisioned, but it was a great beginning, full of smiles and colors, and with a plan to meet again to smile and draw animals together next time.

Nela  Navarrine       

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