What can we say about COVID? All of us, in one way or another, personally or through third parties, have suffered from this plague.
Patty and I fell ill again at the beginning of December, at the worst moment, in the middle of the celebrations scheduled for the families and children, the closing of the year, and the elaboration of projects for 2024 and their respective fundraising.
Everything had to be suspended, postponed and rescheduled.

And this time it was really hard, we don’t know what new variant it was, but it disabled us for almost three weeks, and we are still trying to regain strength. We had a very low fever, with an annoying but not serious cough, we suffered a constant and paralyzing pain in the whole body, with an atrocious tiredness, and with the mind impossible to concentrate for more than a few minutes.

We get scared.

At our age we know that every body has a limit. But we always see the limits as far away.

This time we had to accept that we could not keep going. And for two tireless fighters this was very hard.
And we stopped, and we rested, and we tried to gather our strength and now we are back on our feet and catching up with everything that was delayed.
One step at a time.

We are also accepting that from now on we have to take much better care of ourselves. That this plague is not over, that meetings and workshops with many people are dangerous, that closed places are dangerous, that the comforting hugs of dozens of children, so necessary and positive, are also dangerous.
And that in order to continue being useful to society we must be concerned about being healthy and well.

This will affect some of the scheduled activities:

    – This year the workshops may be more, but with smaller groups, and giving priority to those that we can give in rural areas and not enclosed here.

    – On Saturdays, when we gather almost 50 children, they will have to have group activities, at different times and in different areas of the house adequately ventilated, and preferably in our gardens, or in the nearby parks (let’s hope the rain helps).

    – We must modify the food delivery system, we will put the emphasis on nearby rural areas, without neglecting the neediest families here. This implies higher expenses in hiring transportation, maybe it is time to think about acquiring a vehicle.

     – Perhaps we will return to the use of masks, safe distances and all that we have already experienced… always trying not to affect the spirit of the Foundation.

Anyway, we will not give up, nor will we expose ourselves unnecessarily.
We live it as a new challenge that adds to all the ones we already had, and that, as always, we solve creatively.
Here we go!

Patty and Jorge

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  1. Patty and Jorge, so sorry to hear of your getting COVID. Please do take care of yourself. When I visited the US over the holidays my son-in-law got it and is still regaining strength. I’m fine.

    I went to your website and looked for information on the organization, it’s structure, leadership, etc. I couldn’t find any information on it. I am interested in knowing more about how the Foundation operates. I support the Foundation. In fact every day I walk down my hallway and there is a framed drawing by Daniela gracing it. I love that picture. I also appreciate how you deeply understand the importance of art and play in children’s development. Thank you for your good work.

    099 119 3591

    1. Dear Jane, thank you for your kind words! We believe that art is one of the things that elevates us beyond our human condition, and play takes us to the purest space and opens the door to moments of happiness, so necessary in these times.
      Regarding our health we have improved a lot, but the weakness is still there. We must be very patient and keep going.
      And yes, you are absolutely right, we are missing some pages with our data on the website, they are planned for months, but we never have the time to make them and upload them, remember that we are a very atypical foundation, very small, without employees, only volunteers, far from the usual marketing in other foundations. Between the dilemma of sitting down and writing about us or helping someone else, we will always choose the latter. But we promise we will add that information soon. Thanks for reminding us that it is not online.

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