Every time a person who receives support from Fundación Nur has a success, tears of joy come to our eyes!

And always, in one way or another, we share that success with the invisible hand that made it possible, with the donor or sponsor who was there at the right time to support and encourage the person who needed it.

In this case we celebrate that Cristina, with Joel’s help, was able to finish her first year of high school with great success and excellent grades, a huge challenge she set for herself when she arrived here, with her 16 years old, her newborn baby, an impressive poverty and a huge sadness that prevented her from moving forward.

At that time we supported her with food, diapers, milk, medicine, psychological therapy and everything we had on hand, but she needed long term support.

So we explained her situation to one of our best donors, our dear Joel, and he, from his huge heart, made sure that she and her baby received everything they needed from Fundación Nur, that they had food, that she received all the necessary workshops for her training and baby’s upbringing, that her son could be healthy, calm and strong.

And a few months later, when she was already strong and began to trust herself, Joel paid for the first year of his accelerated high school.

And Cristina made it!

Joel has already left here the necessary funds for her to finish the second year. We continue to support her with food and training workshops, she actively participates and receives and gives support to other new mothers. The circle of solidarity begins to work.

We almost never have time to explain it, but that’s how NUR works, actively working with real people who give and receive. Where each one knows about the existence of the other, where we chat and share triumphs and defeats.
We work with small personalized projects, with very precise and limited budgets, always working to the limit of our possibilities, but without exceeding them.
We believe that it is useless to give hundreds of bags of food to strangers just to fill a statistic. That is only useful in an emergency, but it is unsustainable. We believe that it is necessary to encourage them to become self-sustaining and to accompany them in the process. That is the real help.

We only provide all possible support to 35 families at a time, and only if they agree to be part of a formative process for mothers and children. 35 families are the ones we can get to know personally at the same time, talk to each of them over and over again, support and accompany mothers and children as they grow. And as they grow up, get on their feet and leave, new families join us.


Each donor can request an interview, or contact us by email, and receive all the information about the situation of “their family” and the destination of their funds. Each donor can suggest ideas, and sit down with us to think of new and better ways to help. Those who prefer to remain at a distance also receive a monthly report of the support plan they are adhering to, and a newsletter about the activities in general.


Today Cristina fills us with pride, and we miss Joel more than ever in Cuenca. We are very grateful to both of them for giving us this moment of happiness.

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