NEWS JANUARY 2024 In spite of all the difficulties we continue with our project MIL SEMILLAS 2024.We have to tell all those who support us during this semester that the violence in the streets forces us to be very prudent. We have postponed several planned activities, such as the trip to the Tarqui Animal Shelter, […]


UNITY MEETING 2024 On Friday, December 29, we had our annual UNITY MEETING, where all together, respecting our differences, we assumed ourselves as members of the great human family. It was a morning to celebrate the achievements of our beneficiaries during the year 2023 and also the achievements of the foundation. A year full of […]


COVID AGAIN! What can we say about COVID? All of us, in one way or another, personally or through third parties, have suffered from this plague.Patty and I fell ill again at the beginning of December, at the worst moment, in the middle of the celebrations scheduled for the families and children, the closing of […]

2024 Start!

2024 begins! Another year full of immense challenges and powerful projects. But we cannot talk about 2024 without talking about 2023 first.On September 10 we launched this, our blog, and we had the firm determination to publish news twice a week, here and on Facebook. And no, nothing was published. What happened, Nur didn’t work […]

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