The first semester we will support 35 families, a total of approximately 140 people, with all the benefits previously described, at a cost of $300 per family.
You can support a family in six recurring payments of $50, or a one-time payment of your choice.

a- Become a recurring donor


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  1. Good morning, all,
    This is a whole new story, old with the new. Very energetic. But it seems like you will require new staff to help in Canka while you’re away. You should note that the drop-down menu for donations only allows for up to three families. Maybe you should add, for donors that are interested, one category that allows making a donation for six months for one family

    1. Good day Carl! Yes, we are reorganizing everything, we are going to need lots of hands, hearts and brains! It’s going to be a fun semester!
      We have just modified the recurring drop down, with options for half, one, two or three families for six months. And we added a free button for donations at the donor’s will. We will continue to improve and add data as we go along. We have had several technical problems with the integration of the donation system, so we are temporarily back to the previous one. Thank you for your continued support!

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