ORIGINAL UNAVAILABLE. A copy can be requested

Original watercolor painted by Sofia

Original watercolor on 8×10″ canvas, framed in white, painted by 6 year old Sofia.

We are raising funds to take the children of the Bright Gems program on a field trip to the Yaruk Allpa Animal Shelter in the town of Tarqui, with bus and snack included, and we have more educational field trips planned in the surrounding area depending on the funds raised.

Therefore we give the possibility to only 18 donors, one per painting, to receive an original artwork signed by the artist (there are certain limitations according to the donor’s country of residence).

Please consider $17 or more for your donation. Seventeen is the basic proportional amount to cover trip expenses, but you can contribute as much as you wish to support these young artists.

Please write in “Make your donation” the amount you would like to donate, and then press “add to cart”.

We appreciate your generosity.

Starting donation: Original price was: $17.00.Current price is: $0.00.

ORIGINAL UNAVAILABLE. A copy can be requested



Sofia is 6 years old and attends the Bright Gems program of the Fundación Nur.
The work was done in art classes for at-risk children taught by Argentine artist Nela Navarrine. The inspiration for this activity was the beautiful Cuenca.
Sofia is very creative and created different types of trees with different colors.
She uses and mixes colors very skillfully and achieves very interesting color combinations. She enjoys painting and that makes her paintings look even more beautiful.
What a beautiful building and trees!

If the painting you want is no longer available, you can request a copy (printed or digital) by sending an message

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