Every time a person who receives support from Fundación Nur has a success, tears of joy come to our eyes! And always, in one way or another, we share that success with the invisible hand that made it possible, with the donor or sponsor who was there at the right time to support and encourage […]


“EL SALADO” 26 January – LINKING WITH FAMILIES On the 26th of January we left from the foundation, full of enthusiasm, going up through the mountains in a truck full of food to the locality “El Salado”, to have the first meeting with the 20 selected families.  They arrived very punctual and enthusiastic. We told […]


NEWS JANUARY 2024 In spite of all the difficulties we continue with our project MIL SEMILLAS 2024.We have to tell all those who support us during this semester that the violence in the streets forces us to be very prudent. We have postponed several planned activities, such as the trip to the Tarqui Animal Shelter, […]

The joy of giving and receiving

Sometimes joy is given to us by things that life gives us, but we can also have access to it through other doors, such as helping others.At the foundation, managers, volunteers and donors give help with joy and generosity and thus receive the vital energy to continue.The beneficiary mothers learn that, no matter how difficult […]

This is Nur

Without much explanation, see for yourself!


Leaving your country because you have lost your baby at birth, feeling that your family, the healthcare system and everything…

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